Here you will find human grade( people can eat any of these items if they chose to do so) meats/bones and odds and ends for your dog(s) or cat or other raw fed meat eater. Everything is priced per pound unless otherwise stated.

For Dogs and other same sized critters

Ox Tails: $1.50 

Buffalo Tails:$2.50

Chicken Backs: $3.50

Rabbit Ears:$1

Pig Ears:$1.50

Pig Feet:$2 Split:$2.50

Elk Knuckle:$3.50

Beef Tails:$1.50 

Beef Testicles:$3

Hog Testicles:$2

Beef Brains:$3

Quail egg powder:$8 per quart sized bag

Alaskan Salmon Steak (limited season):$8 per pound

For Cats and other same sized critters

Mice:$1 Each




Gerbil's:$3 each

Quail:$4 each or  $2 each after you buy 12

Chuckar:$5 each

Rats:$3 each Lg Rats $4 each


Guinea Pigs:$6 each

Rabbit Testicles:$1.50

Small Hog Testicles:$2

Half pound of Beef brains:$2

Quail egg powder:$4 per half gallon bag

Anything not listed here that you would like to feed just check out the prices page and order from there. This is primarily the page that lists bones and offal and other odds and ends

Whole Prey Selection

 Whole prey in this section are any of the older species past their tender age for Human consumption but are still good if you like tough meat or want to smoke it that's up to you. but generally these items do not sell well in a market setting so they have found a home here for Raw Feeders to benefit from.For Example I myself would not eat a duck past 16 weeks of age but if u want to go for it. Sides are divided the same as it is above. Some items such as the fish and other small things will have the heads on can be removed if you choose but the brains are part of the necessary food source when feeding Raw. Also this section is not per pound like it is above this is whole prey and generally comes with feathers fur or scales as well as feet and heads but can be removed for $2 more. Some prices vary due to size of the animal 





Senior Rabbit:$15 Lg-XXL


Guinea pigs:$5

Small Chickens:$6

Rabbit Kits or young:$3 (generally abandoned or killed by first time does sick kits are discarded)

Small breed Senior rabbit:$5-$10