We will soon be having non meat Items like fruits and veggies,Odds and ends like liver and jerky can be found on this page as well. Those items and prices are located down below, but are not yet ready for sale. Everything is 100% hand made. We do not Judge anyone if there is something you like that you just cant find in a store feel free to let us know. Does not matter what it is from pig ears to lard to tripe does not matter at all we do not like to waste any part of the animal so if you enjoy something you think we will toss just let us know and we will be glad to help.Sale items are in red every item that is on this list can be shipped except drinks unless frozen

Soap:$6 per bar

Honey:$8 a jar $20 for a 5 pound container

Candles:$4 for 6

House Roasted Coffee:$6 per pound

Head Cheese:$5 lb

Rabbit scarf:$40 with feathers add $2

Scrapple:$6 per pound

Liver sausage;$6 per pound choices include beef,rabbit,pork,veal,mutton,and goat

Bread:$5 a loaf

Goats milk Icecream:$5 per pint

Goat milk:$7 a gallon

Pigs Feet:$2 each

Chicken Feet:$1 each

Lambs Heart:$10 each

Beef Heart:$5 per pound

Pork Heart:$3 per pound

Rabbit Heart:$6 per 8oz mason jar

Duck Heart:$6 per 8oz mason jar

Chicken Hearts:$4 per 8oz mason jar

Pheasant Hearts:$8 per 8oz mason Jar

Quail Hearts:$7 per 8oz mason Jar

Turkey Hearts:$6 per 8oz mason Jar

Goat Heart:$6 per pound

Veal Heart:$8 per pound

Beef Jerky:$5 per pound

Veal Jerky:$7 per pound

Duck Jerky:$8 per pound

Chicken Jerky:$5 per pound

Turkey Jerky:$6 per Pound

Pork Jerky:$4 per pound

Quail and Pheasant Jerky:$8 per pound

Rabbit Jerky:$6 Per pound

Tongue:$6 per pound large animals only

Rabbit Sausage:$6 per pound

Duck feet:$4 a pair

Cow milk:$4 per gal

Pickled Pigs Feet:$6 per jar other pickled feet include duck,chicken,turkey,quail,and pheasant

Pork Jowl:$4 per pound smoked:$5

Pig snout:$4 each

Carrots:$1 per pound

Corn:$0.50 per ear

Paw Paw:$4 each

Peaches:$0.30 per pound

Tea:$3 per package

Apples:$0.45 per pound

Apple Butter:$5 per 8 ounce jar

Jam:$4 a jar

Marmalade:$5 a jar

Pears:$.50 per pound

Fresh Lemonade:$1 a cup or $4 per quart

Fresh tea:$1 a cup or $5 a quart Flavored add $1 per quart special flavors do not include sweetened. sweetened tea is no extra charge.

Sunflower Seeds:$3 per pound

Muffins:$3 per 4

Cherry,apple, & peach pie:$5 each


All large animal hearts and livers are available Stuffed for an additional $5. Liver prices are $2 less than the heart prices.Smaller Livers are also sold in 8oz jars like the hearts.