Below are list of items We make quality items from all of our animals we raise and process,just another great way to not waste anything. Everything is brain tanned and crafted by hand.Sale prices/Disclaimers are in red. 

Winter Hats:$35*



Pillows:Small $30 Large:$45

Rabbit Blankets base price:$150****

Rabbits feet key chains:$4 each

Skulls base price:$10*'

Cattle horns:$60 a pair

Coon Hides:$25

Fox Hides:$75

Fox Tail:$25

Coyote hides:$65

Bison Hides$750

Elk Hides:$650

Goat horn:$8 each

Elk Racks:$50+ depending on sze

Coats Base price:$125***

Cattle Rug:$325

Goat rug:$150

Walking sticks:$15** hand carved

Cow hide pillow:$55 

Leg warmers:$20 a pair

Hand warmers:$40

Large Goat horns:$25 per pair

Big horn Sheep Horns:$45

Dall Sheep Horns:$35

Ibex Horns: $120

Chinchilla hide: $50 each

Chinchilla Blankets:$7,500+ starts at full and goes to Californian King for $16,000 depending on color

Chinchilla Coat:$5500 up to $26,000 for a full coat

Un-sewn rabbit hides:$6 each for white and black,$12 for colored,$20 for broken colored,$25 for harlequin,and $35 for Rex they come fully brain tanned by hand. Each item can be made from any type of fur of your choice. Prices will fluctuate depending on type of fur used.

Lucky rabbits feet:$6 XL$4 large $2 small

*colored rabbit furs additional $2 Rex fur additional $10

**Walking sticks without fur $15 with fur add $2 with fur and a couple pheasant feathers add $5

***Coats start at $125 and go up depending on size of coat,length,and if its made of colored rabbit fur or rex fur. colored fur add $5 dollars Rex fur add $15 a foot. Broken Rex patterns add $20 per foot

****Blankets start at $150 sizes are Baby to Californian King.Twin $250,Full $325,Queen$475,King$850,Cali King$950 additional prices occur and are as follows for backings: standard backing Free,Satin add $65,Realtree camo add:$55 ,Disney characters:$60,John Deere:$50,Deer scene:$65 ,Wolves:$80,Horses:$75 any design that isnt listed that you want let me know and I can make it happen. You bring me your own fabric take 20% off final cost. These prices are for blankets made from rabbit but if you want blankets from other fur bearers just let me know. I can make blankets from fox, beaver, raccoon, mink, badger, chinchilla, coyote, skunk, opossum, and muskrat.

*'Skulls start at $10 depending on size and come sun bleached nothing else added to them. Cattle skulls are $45,Goat $35,Bird:$12,Hog $40. for an additional $30 they can be mounted on an English additional $75 (without mount) and they can be dipped in either hunters camo,grassy camo,or wicked skulls.