This is where you can order various types of dog/cat treats and snacks all 100% grass fed and healthy

DISCLAIMER: All pet items are slow roasted on low heat which means 16 hours or more that it has been cooked. May contain peanut butter or have come in contact with nuts. Not Responsible for any accidents of any kind. It is your duty as the pet owner to know what your dog can handle and what it cannot. If your dog is allergic to anything listed please do not purchase it for the dogs sake.Always observe your pet when given any treats especially bones. Bone type treats may splinter or crack if choking occurs immediately take your pet to the vet and discard bone and any fragments.

Rabbit ears :$4 a pair

Pig Snouts:$4 each

Pork Femur:$5 each

Pigs feet:$8 a pair

Pig ears:$2 each. (our pig ears are not from small pigs cut into 3 pieces like every farm store which sells them at $1.19 each. ours are full sized pig ears)

Pork Tails:$3 each

Cow Ears:$2 each

Cow tail:$4 each

Sweet Potato Chips:$5 per 10 oz bag

Salmon Skins:$4 per 4 oz package

Rabbit Hide Twist's and Chews:$5 

Various Dried Trachea: $5 for 6 pieces

Various Ribs:$2 each (No Choice done in bulk and mixed cooking times do no vary and saves me time which saves you and I money)

Cow Hooves:$3 each

Goat Horn:$8

Split Elk Horn:$5-$15 ($15 are for larger halved horns)

Jerky meat strips:$6 per 8oz bag. No seasonings no additives. 100% meat from any of the Domestic animals we raise.customer choice

Exotic jerky Meat strips:$8 per 8oz bag No Seasonings or additives 100% meat from any of the Exotic animals we raise.customer choice

Beef Femur with meat:$15 each

Beef Knuckles:$8 each

Handmade to order Biscuits:$10 large bag Includes:Peanut butter,beef,chicken,fish,and pumpkin flavors

Salmon Chunks $5 per 6 oz package